November is here and it is time to put away the Jack-o'-lanterns. Yup, fall is soon over! December is slowly creeping up and the earth is preparing itself to be covered with a fluffy white blanket. While most people are already thinking about Christmas decorations... all I can think of are my upcoming finals and sleepless nights. To save myself from a coffee overdose, I am trying to finish my assignments as early as possible. So here's a little sneak peek from my typography class. Something simple yet fun! And I have to add that I am truly in love with this awesome typeface!

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Winter is almost here and while I miss snow I found the color white to be extremely inspiring. As an admirer of clean interiors, these images were a true treat to my eyes!

DISCLAIMER: These images are NOT mine.
I DO NOT take any profit from using these images nor do I want to harm the image of the authors.

Editing software (Adobe Photoshop CS6)